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Vanguard Properties expertly guides low- to high-density residential developers looking for planning and development services. Core consulting services include Research, Land Acquisition, Design, Branding, Promotion, Sales Strategy and Risk Management. From concept to close-out, Vanguard leads the way to successful development.

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Scope of Services


We supply in-depth market reporting and primary research, ensuring enlightened decision making. Our developments outperform the competition, while also creating a unique sense of place.

Land Acquisition

Our industry experts will identify development opportunities, and represent your best interest at the negotiating table. Our relationships with architects, engineers, land use attorneys and commercial brokers often result in first choice on development sites. Contact us for information on current offerings.


We understand the trends and lifestyles that motivate buyers. As collaborators, we’ll work with your design team to program floor plans, amenities and finishes. We can also connect you with the right design professionals to execute your vision. Our input into the design process leads to a well-crafted product, and ultimately the highest dollar at market.


Modern, innovative, on-point branding. Leave it to our expert, in-house marketing group to create the perfect brand identity for your building development. Our branding sessions are the start to creating a well-positioned brand, one that will serve the development for years to come.


Your development, front and center. Vanguard Properties will create tailored campaigns, including web, email, print, social media and public relations. And to supplement promotional efforts, our Team will develop collateral, signage and point of sale technologies, all catered to select audiences. Our vertically integrated marketing offerings allow for the greatest in cost efficiencies.

Sales Strategy

Our go-to-market strategies are based on the successes of thousands of closed units. We provide best-in-class outreach, personal selling and buyer retention programs, helping to reach top dollar. We are always pushing pricing boundaries, via in-depth research and thorough release strategies. We will staff your development with experienced sales professionals, who possess a key understanding of both the resale and new construction markets. Vanguard will make introductions to leading lending partners, working together to create winning financing packages, and obtaining development approvals.

Risk Management

We will help minimize risks and maximize potential, managing disclosure, documentation and compliance. We work closely with your BRE deputy, budget preparer and attorneys to ensure that approval processes are smooth and expedient. Our proven escrow management Platform accelerates the closing process, enabling our sales agents to focus on achieving the next sale. We can provide development orientations, ensuring a seamless transition for buyers. We can also assist with developer retained units, utilizing our in-house leasing and property management Division.